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SEO Austin Texas

2 types of SEO Austin TexasThere are TWO types of SEO
We categorize SEO into two distinct types – PASSIVE and ACTIVE.

Passive SEO
Passive SEO is the foundation on which all other SEO initiatives are built.  Passive search engine optimization is built into your website and includes page titling, content organization, image titling, hyperlink strategy and more.  Austex Websites offers optional passive SEO services.

Active SEO
Active SEO refers to things you can do outside of your website on an ongoing basis, including social media strategies, blogging, back-link strategies and more.  Active SEO is part art, part science and part VOODOO!  We do not offer active SEO services.

SEO Austin Texas – the importance of your page’s primary search phrase

Each page of your website should be optimized to create maximum SEO impact for a specific search phrase.

Page URL and page title
properly titled page
The primary search phrase for THIS page is ‘SEO Austin Texas’.  The page URL is the address shown in the browser window.  The page title is the text shown in the browser tab.  We know how to make this happen. . .

Image titles & SEO
Most website pages include images.  Search engines award pages that have images with proper titling.
We know how to make this happen. . .

Page content
The content of your page needs to include your primary search phrase – more than once!  As you already know ‘SEO Austin Texas’ is the primary search phrase for this page.  Can you count the number of times that phrase is mentioned on this page?  We know how to make this happen. . .

More about SEO
SEO pricing optionsAustex Websites is primarily a web design firm.  We don’t proclaim ourselves to be in the SEO business, but we’ve had a lot of experience in that arena.  If we are lucky enough to build your website we’ll present you with plenty of passive SEO options to fit any budget.

Our approach to Passive SEO
Google dominates the search engine market. We believe that passive SEO should be practiced to Google’s standards.  In our opinion this will also result in better performance in the remaining search engines.

In addition to proven SEO methods we’ve developed over the years,  Austex Websites follows the methodologies outlined in the the Google search engine starter guide.